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Hello, the subject of my article today is the Cartesi project, a project that will eliminate the problems that investors or traders have experienced for years. Cartesi platform is an open source platform that will be used to create highly decentralized applications, new financial principles and blockchains that can work with each other. In a world full of difficulties and frictions, Cartesi gives people a chance to fulfill their ambitions, dreams and desires. After giving information about Cartesi with a brief explanation in the introduction section, let’s try to understand the Cartesi project better by mentioning which concrete problems the project offers and the reasons for its emergence in the development section.

First of all, let me tell my own observations, I liked this financial platform very much, one of the reasons for this is many activities. They also pay close attention to this at the point of trust, as I said from the title. I had the opportunity to examine the project closely and even create a video about the project, namely Cartesi. While doing all these, I thought the project would come to good places. So why is Cartesi used? As I mentioned in the introduction sentence of Cartesi, it can easily create strong and secure applications and blockchain networks that allow it to be built on itself. In addition, Cartesi will be both more reliable and more efficient than previous decentralized protocols. There is no doubt that it does its best to find solutions to needs. Because when we look at where the world has gone with technological developments, we can understand that different currencies will be used to make payments than we use now. These coins will not be anything but technological currencies. These coins; These are shopping tools that are developed in a digital environment, produced by high-performance computers by software experts, and transferred without the need for a central bank or intermediary institution. Today, financial services continue to improve continuously. People now need financial applications where they can do multiple jobs together. Cartesi aims to serve and find solutions to all these. Just providing a bank account is not enough to put an end to financial exclusion. Cartesi Platform enables users to do everything from storing and managing assets to fundraising and donation to causes all over the world.

The Cartesi Machine is Cartesi’s solution for verifiable computation. It was designed to bring mainstream scalability to DApps and mainstream productivity to DApp developers.

Friends, I have been in these markets for a long time. I have been giving my own effort for about 4 years. But I am saying frankly, I have not encountered such a good project until now. Look, what I’m saying is not investment advice. I’m not saying go buy Cartesi tokens. I say examine the Cartesi project. Look, first of all, to understand this project, we need to understand blockchain technology. The blockchain, which we translated into Turkish as a blockchain, actually means connecting the blocks with each other. For example, you will sell someone a house or a car. How we did this before, we agreed with the person opposite us through a notary, and we recorded it at the notary after some shopping. The record in this notary stands there and the car becomes the new owner. In blockchain technology, we do not need a notary, after writing the shopping transactions from any computer to the block, that block is chained and connected to other blocks. That’s all for the record. Well, now you will say that they both have a record, what’s the difference? You have no expense and no queue for someone, you spend very little time, things are easier and simpler. And you are not affiliated with any center. You do not have to worry about where there is a notary or the notary will close. Instantly everything reaches your phone.

Yes, I tried to explain blockchain technology by giving an example. So what does avalanche do that. It aims to gain from everything by gathering the blockchain platforms here. When we ask everywhere what is Avalanche, we will see the definitions of it anyway. What matters is not what Avalanche is but what does Avalanche do? With whom? Who are the partners? Whether a project is good or bad, its price may come somewhere. This is not a point of view either. The most important thing for a project is the continuity of the project. It’s the time they work. What they do and what they offer to investors and this industry. As I said again, I have not seen a project working like this for a long time. I took it to my close follow-up. I wanted to share this with you.

Friends, you can also support this cart project by social mining. In doing so, you can make small gains. You can also contribute to your budget in the future by making savings. Also, I cannot pass without stating that. You support Cartesi with these contributions. Now, I hope to support Cartesi team with this article. What I have described above or explained in the whole article are my own thoughts. Although I do not give anyone any investment advice, I recommend them to do research. It is nothing more than saying that there is such a project.

As I continue to examine the project in every aspect, when I look at the team and road map information of the project, I can say the following. First of all, a good team of a project means everything for that project. The team’s ability to work well and to be able to advertise well affects the future of the project. The individuals in this team are fully loaded in terms of technical knowledge as well as their own field expertise. This is remarkable.

When the project, namely the road map, is examined, it is possible to see that they are progressing by completely adhering to it. This is exactly what I pay attention to in the road map. It will tell us what the project has done in the past, what it can do about the future.

For investors who want to invest, I would like to remind once again that the advertising and promotion phases are continuing. I think you will be interested in this project, which will make human life easier thanks to its features. You can check the official website and social media tools. You can find the necessary links for this at the end of my article. In order to follow the project more closely, I recommend that you follow the social media tools closely and also read the whitepaper prepared in a simple and uncomplicated manner. Learn about platform development and progress. You can access the site by clicking the link below:


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There is no doubt that Cartesi project will have a successful advertising period. If you want to participate in the campaign, you can use the links below.

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