Low fees PANGOLİND. and Avalanche is here.

frei miller
2 min readFeb 17, 2021


Friends, I will tell you about a new partnership today. Pangolin and Avalanche.

You all knew the Avalanche project from my articles. The Avalanche platform is an open source platform to be used to create highly decentralized applications, new financial policies, and blockchains that can work with each other.

So what is a pangolin?

A community-driven decentralized exchange for Avalanche and Ethereum assets with fast settlement, low transaction fees, and a democratic distribution — powered by Avalanche. Pangolin brings you the best trading opportunities to find and maximize your yield.

Isn’t it good news that these two giant projects are in collaboration?

Another good news is that Pangolin will airdrop.
PNG is a 100% community-driven governance token, it is distributed to the community:

5% of the tokens are given as airdrop to the recipients, thatt are people that used to hold UNI and SUSHI on Decembre 7th, 2020
95% of the tokens are given to liquidity miners.

Here are the details.



frei miller

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