elrond project’s specific and strengths and comprehensive future goals.

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Hello, I will focus on the Elrond project in two paragraphs. The subject of the first paragraph; what is special to the community and what the strengths are. Secondly, I will talk about what issues the community should focus on in the long run. Of course it will be comprehensive.

Strengths of the elrond project.

There are many topics that are specific to the Elrond project. These are the positive aspects of the Elrond project. I want to tell them one by one. The latest technology is used in the project. There are three main objectives for network architecture; scalability, security and interoperability. Scalability is achieved by using a dynamically compatible sharing mechanism. This proportionally increases the processing capacity as new participants join the network. Safety is ensured by bringing randomness to consensus group selection. The team offers Secure Proof of Purchase (SPoS) to form consensus. The timeline is now set to one day and divided into periods with shorter shells. After each period, fractures are re-arranged and pruned. At the end of each round, a new consensus group is selected randomly for each track. The network is designed to work with other block chains from the beginning. The local virtual machine is therefore EVM compliant, allowing developers to use Elrond and Ethereum to develop applications. Elrond Network is the world’s first high-bandwidth block chain platform with adaptive segmentation status and evidence of safe evidence. The technology can only be tested correctly when the home network is live. Finally, investing in this project will support a strong team with an ambitious goal. Because the virtual machine will hide the underlying architecture, intelligent contracts will be developed on an isolated layer. New innovations in the way smart contracts work in shared networks will be included in the future. As you can see, even before entering the content of the topics in detail, many important features appeared. One of the most important strengths to be considered here is “scalability.. While there are very few projects that provide this, it is important that the Elrond project is the leader in this field. In addition, I will talk about special topics for the Elrond community. For example; Compared to the Ethereum network. Elrond uses parallel processing by shredding. It saves energy by eliminating the extra process of PoW algorithms. Compared to Algorand, Elrond reduces the Algorand’s Consensus Group’s duration from 12 seconds to less than 1 second. This is extremely important. I think we have witnessed the latest chapter in blockchain history. It comes with software like Ethereum, which is the cornerstone of Blockchain architecture. Elrond rises above the Giants, which to date have carried blockchain technology. I think Elrond will soon be replaced by these giant crypto coins. Elrond keeps its decentralized structure out of SPoS and does not compromise security. Elrond recognizes that the integration of a growing number of network structures is essential for the healthy growth of block chain projects. For this reason, Elrond is designed to be EVM compliant and work with different block chain networks.

Elrond’s long-term development and goals.

I want to talk about the future goals of the Elrond project. First of all, one of their goals was to make IEO and enter a big stock exchange like Binance. The team successfully completed it. This is an event that many projects want to do but fail. The Elrond team showed a pretty good team. In addition, the project has a structure that constantly updates itself. Elrond is a high-traffic Blockchain platform for Government Share Compliance and Proof of Bid for system security. The project team confirmed that they will use Secure Proof of Proof, an advanced Proof of Purchase variant that protects decentralized security and justice while limiting the need for algorithmic digging power. Prisoner. In addition, Elrond uses horizontal to horizontal calculation to store data in horizontal rows. They plan to increase this in the future. In addition, Elrond x Samsung integration took place this week. Elrond progresses to his goals by remaining loyal to the road map. The prize pool for the Nodes Battle rose to $ 60,000. Blockchain and IoT panel connected. These are extremely important steps.

When the roadmap of the project is examined, it is possible to see that they are progressing with full adherence to it. This is exactly what I pay attention to on the road map. It will tell us what the project has done in the past and what it can do about the future. As a matter of fact, the Elrond project fulfilled its objectives one by one and gave us the guarantee of what it can do in the future. In this respect, it is necessary to congratulate both the project annex and the developers.

The project team continues to participate in many events to improve itself. You know, as far as Elrond’s team is concerned, on a famous site in the world. These guys knew the answer about the blockchain. I want to share a short section from there. “Because existing block chain protocols are often overwhelmed by excessive limitations, developers around the world are trying to decide how to push technology to the next level of efficiency. The Elrond team seems to know the answer. ” I guess I don’t even have to mention how important this is. Blockchain is a distributed database that provides briefly encrypted transaction tracking. As the name implies, the Blockchain technology, built with a chained model that can be traced but cannot be broken, allows operation without being connected to a center. Thus, transactions can be performed directly between the buyer and the seller and in a safe manner. This platform, which has come up with robust projects in many areas, has now created a new commercial and financial sector with high market value. For this Blockchain platform, a project has emerged that produces new formations and solutions. There was scalability long before Blockchain — and it was always important. Scalability, when applied to the business, is the power to adapt to changes over time and to grow in the process. As Blockchain practices became widespread, it became a coincidental race to break their bottlenecks, from crypto currency to food sources. Developers focused on a variety of layers that affect productivity, including process span, consensus, storage, view, and off-chain processing across the network.

The creators of the Elrond public block chain protocol built their scalability architecture, making it not only a feature of their network, but also a primary focus.

After extensive prototyping, Elrond is preparing to upgrade its protocol profile: Testnet will start soon. With over 200 applications already received from potential testnet developers, Elrond’s interest is clearly growing. Interested testers are welcome to apply to explore Elrond in a free, test network environment with easy access to the home network. Elrond also prepares guidelines for participation and the testi Stakes Game stres style stress test, an interactive network like the recently launched Tendermint. They are also important.

Website: https://elrond.com

Whitepaper: https://www.elrond.network/files/Elrond_Whitepaper_EN.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/ElrondNetworkAnn

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/elrondnetwork/

Medium: https://medium.com/elrondnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElrondNetwork

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ElrondNetwork

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